Frequently Asked Questions

What are video communication skills?

Video communication skills include on-camera presentation and speaking skills as well as competency with digital technology. Video communication skills are increasing in importance as hiring practices evolve to include asynchronous video interviews at the applicant screening stage in the hiring process.

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What are asynchronous video interviews? 

Asynchronous video interviews are pre-recorded applicant responses to job interview questions used as a screening tool by recruiters and hiring managers.

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What is a video resume?

A video resume is a visual complement to a written resume and a job search marketing tool. Video resumes allow job seekers the opportunity to showcase their personality and communication skills. Other terms that might be used for a video resume are a video cover letter, a video bio, a video elevator pitch, or a job seeker's demo reel. In a demo reel, you are demonstrating what you have already done, what abilities you possess, and your potential.

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