How to Record a Video Using a Smartphone

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you will learn how to record a video resume using your smartphone, optimizing for high-quality lighting and sound.

Learning Objectives

Review basic video recording processes including best practices for positioning, background, using smartphone applications and computer software.

Learning Activities

Construct your video using previously completed storyboard and using optional layers of images, videos, text overlays, and music.

Import and manipulate digital assets to produce a visually appealing and coherent composition.

Lesson Resources

Lesson Introduction: How to Record a Video Using a Smartphone

How Important is Proper Camera Setup Before Recording a Video?

How to Troubleshoot Blurriness & Shakiness in Videos

How to Troubleshoot Graininess in Videos

How to Get the Best Lighting in a Video

How to Get Higher Quality Audio in Videos

Solutions for Challenges with Camera Positioning

How to Find a Suitable Background to Shoot a Video Resume

Lesson Summary: How to Record a Video Using a Smartphone

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