How to Develop Video Communication Skills

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you will demonstrate elements of video communication skills by discerning and illustrating effective on-camera presence and presentation skills.

Learning Objectives

Examine why we don’t like the way we look or sound in videos by reflecting on the mirror image effect and mere exposure effect

Review the three distractors that impact the quality of our videos including presentation distractors, environmental distractors, and video quality distractors.

Learning Activities

Experiment with adjusting settings on your phone to compare mirror image vs true image 

Practice recording self-facing videos implementing best practices discussed.

Lesson Resources

Lesson Introduction: How to Develop Video Communication Skills

What are Video Communication Skills?

Challenges with Creating or Appearing in Videos

Why Don't We Like the Way We Look in Videos?

Why Don't We Like the Way We Sound in Videos?

How to Become Comfortable on Video

Troubleshooting Content Distractors When Creating Videos

What Should You Avoid When Recording a Video?

How Important is Posture & Gesturing When Recording Videos?

How Important is Making Eye Contact with the Camera Lens When Recording Videos?

What is the Best Clothing Choice for Appearing in Videos?

Lesson Summary: How to Develop Video Communication Skills